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The Dangers of Rodent Droppings and How Bio-One Can Help you

The Dangers of Rodent Droppings and How Bio-One Can Help you

If by any chance you choose to take care of rodents by yourself and need help with cleaning and disinfecting your house or property from dead mice and rats, Bio-One of Chula Vista can also provide you with professional, guaranteed disinfection and sanitation from the dangers of rodent droppings. Even dead animals can carry multiple bacteria, which are usually airborne. So, if mice and rats die in crawl spaces or inside your HVAC System, you might need help from professionals to get to these areas and remove any biohazards. 

If not treated by professionals, rodents can become a serious problem for your house or property. During wintertime, they seek protection from cold in dark places. Rodents can reproduce very quickly, creating a dangerous environment for you and your loved ones.

The most common dangers of rodent droppings are their diseases and infections

Rodents can transmit over 35 different types of diseases, and the most common is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (also known as HPS). It’s a very dangerous disease that can be transmitted directly (from bite wounds and direct contact with urine and feces) or indirectly (by breathing contaminated air and dust).  Residential properties are most affected by mice and rats. Rodent feces and droppings are known to be very infectious so it’s important to turn to a professional in disinfection and sanitation to remediate areas where rodents might have been present.

Rodents carry bacteria and diseases that can transmit to humans from direct contact or indirectly by being in the presence of highly infected areas. Rodents usually seek shelter indoors, primarily in dark areas like crawlspaces, garages, and attics. Cluttered spaces create a perfect environment for mice and rats to create nests. Bio-One of Chula Vista's specialists follow strict guidelines and procedures to remediate houses and properties if they’re involved in hoarding scenarios.

How do rodents make their way to your house or property?

Filling gaps and entryways is the best way to prevent rodents from coming to your house or property. Rodents can squeeze through the smallest spaces, whether through doors, windows, or even small cracks in the floor. 

According  to the CDC, you can look for gaps or holes outside your property in the following spaces:

  • Around windows and doors.
  • In the roof (gables, rasters, and eaves).
  • In the building foundations (this is a specially delicate area for rodents and other plagues to nest)
  • Attic vents.
  • HVAC systems (if rodents have been in these areas, you might struggle with infections and other afflictions associated with rodents' feces and urine).

How can you stay safe from the dangers of rodent droppings?

If you need help with cleaning and disinfecting your house or property from rodents and other household pests, let Bio-One of Chula Vista specialists help you. Our technicians will thoroughly look through the areas where rodents might have been present and caused damage. We will also make sure to discard any items that might represent a biohazard for everyone in the house, including pets.

Rodent droppings cleanup - Before and after.
Rodent droppings cleanup - Before and after.

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