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Trauma Scene Cleaning - Common Biohazards in These Scenarios

Trauma Scene Cleaning - Common Biohazards in These Scenarios

Crime and trauma scene cleaning poses multiple health risks and public safety issues. From blood and body fluids residue to sharp objects and hazardous waste, these scenarios must be cleaned by professionals to avoid spreading diseases and infections. 

After a police investigation is concluded and the coroners have left the scene, remnants from the event may linger in the area, and it’s important to have professionals clean and properly remediate the scenes from all biohazardous waste. 

Bio-One of Chula Vista’s certified technicians are always available to help you remediate bloodborne pathogens and other bodily fluids found during a crime and trauma scene cleaning procedure. Attempting to clean these areas by yourself not only can be emotionally taxing but may be highly dangerous. 

What are the most common biohazards in trauma scene cleaning?

-Blood spills and bodily fluids - Blood carries diseases and can last on surfaces for long periods. Even after dry, bloodborne pathogens transmit diseases and infections via direct contact. 

-Contaminated items/objects - Bloodborne pathogens linger on almost any surface; sometimes, the damage is irreversible. Bloodstains and bodily fluids residue can contaminate items, and it is up to certified technicians to determine whether those objects may be cleaned or if they must be discarded. Sharp objects, needles, bed sheets, furniture, upholstery… almost any surface may be contaminated in a traumatic scene. Bloodborne pathogens carry diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS.

-Highly contaminated environments - Usually, dealing with unattended or undiscovered death entails taking care of the strong odors resulting from the decomposed body fluids.

Bio-One is the leader in crime and trauma scene cleaning services in San Diego County!

After a police investigation is completed, Bio-One of Chula Vista's specialists arrive on the scene as the last responders to clean, disinfect, and decontaminate crime scenes from bloodborne pathogens and biohazardous material. Our specialists are caring, as we understand that these are typically the worst days of your life. We hope you never find yourself needing our services, but if you ever do, each one of our technicians will strive to be as supportive and as compassionate as you need. 

Bio-One's biohazard restoration technicians are professional, licensed and insured.
Bio-One's biohazard restoration technicians are professional, licensed, and insured.

Compassion. Experience. Respect.

Bio-One is ready to address issues caused by unanticipated circumstances, such as death and serious trauma, at any time. We deploy our certified and experienced technicians as soon as possible so you can focus on more important things while the recovery process begins.

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