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How to Clean Rodent Feces and Urine & Keep Your House Safe

How to Clean Rodent Feces and Urine & Keep Your House Safe

No one likes to think about rodents in their home. But unfortunately, these pests are more common than you might think. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, one of the first places to check is for droppings. If you want to clean rodent feces and urine and keep your home safe from these pesky critters, here's what you need to know!

Satefy - Wear gloves and a mask to avoid contact with diseases when cleaning up rodent feces.

To protect yourself, wear gloves and a mask whenever you clean rodent feces and urine. Rodent droppings, particularly, contain harmful bacteria and parasites that may cause serious health issues if left untreated. You can eliminate any contact with potentially dangerous substances by donning protective gear before cleaning. Additionally, clean up any mess as soon as possible to minimize the chances of disease exposure!

Cleaning - Use adequate equipment to clean rodent feces and urine.

Using a broom and dustpan to scoop up the droppings might not be the most efficient way to remove them. Professionals recommend wearing disposable gloves and a mask and cleaning surfaces contaminated by the droppings. If there's urine present, you need to use a bleach solution made of one part chlorine bleach and ten parts water for disinfection. After cleaning the contaminated area, dispose of all materials used in a plastic bag and discard them into the trash.

To ensure your home is safe from rodent feces and urine and the diseases associated with exposure to rodents, our technicians at Bio-One of Chula Vista can help.

Disposal - Dispose of rodent waste in a sealed bag.

Cleaning rodent feces and urine requires special care. To properly dispose of the feces, place them in a tightly sealed plastic bag and throw the bag away in the outdoor garbage. Make sure not to touch any remnants, as they possess bacteria that can be harmful when inhaled or ingested.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after disposing of the feces. Additionally, you should use hot soapy water to clean surfaces that may have been contaminated by rodent excrement. That way, harmful bacteria won't spread from one area to another, making the cleaning process more effective.

Disinfection - Clean the area where the droppings were found with hot water and soap.

Removing any signs of rats, mice, and their remnants should be taken seriously. Hot water and soap is the most effective way to clean up areas where the droppings have been found. It's important to ensure these substances are used at the right temperature, as too cold or hot could create an even bigger problem.

Soap helps in removing germs, bacteria, and other pathogens that might be present due to rat droppings. Removing and cleaning up rat and mouse mess won't guarantee a complete extermination solution; however, staying on top of removing their remnants can go a long way in preventing and controlling infestation problems. If you need help, we can help you!

Call Bio-One of Chula Vista to disinfect and ensure your home is safe.

You can always count on Bio-One of Chula Vista to clean and disinfect your home to ensure it is safe. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced, meaning they know how to clean rodent feces, urine, and other biohazard materials. Our team works with the utmost attention to detail. If you're concerned about diseases, call Bio-One of Chula Vista to disinfect and decontaminate your property. We're here to help keep your home safe!

Rodent feces and urine remnants in a crawl space.
Rodent feces and urine remnants in a crawl space. Photo credit: @freepik - Freepik.

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